Within the Kopanica property at Caveat is a fascinating mineral spring. This was the  most famous mineral spring in the Dropmore area  since its discovery in the early 1900’s, when a stump was dragged out of a hole near a great granite outcrop and icy cold mineral water came welling out of the cavity. Today  ‘Split Rock’ brand mineral water is taken from a well at ‘Fernleigh’ off Gums Rd in Caveat It is  served on Qantas Airlines and sold in many fine food outlets. The Kopanica spring is noted to be very gassy and a considerable amount of carbon dioxide is present . In the olden days many people tried to take bottles of this refreshing water back to Yea , but it was so laden with gasses that the bottles exploded before reaching their destination !

The Ruffy Weekend Walkers recently visited the spring (with Michael’s kind permission). As you can see from the photo a pipe has been added in recent years for easy collection into bottles. The high iron content of the water stains the ground. We added raspberry cordial to make a very refreshing drink. To indicate where the spring is located a large sign has been painted on a nearby boulder. The original has nearly faded away. ( I have photo-shopped the pic to highlight the symbols)