Electro-fishing in the middle reaches of Hughes Creek 2005

The annual native fish surveys of Hughes Creek have yielded some interesting  results this season . Joanne Kearns from  the DSE Native Fish Ecology, Threatened  Species Unit at ARI rang me today to share her exciting discoveries. The creek was surveyed last week near the Booroola Homestead and in the Hughes Creek Gorge.  Eel-tailed Catfish Tandanus tandanus, Murray Cod Maccullochell peeli  & Golden Perch Macquaria ambigua , were found  for the first time since ARI surveys began in the Hughes Creek . Macquarie Perch , Macquaria australasica and River Black Fish Gadopsis marmoratus were also recorded . She will send us her full report once it is completed . Look out for press releases publicizing  this find !