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Rakali Project – Benalla & District Environment Group

In 2003/4 Benalla District Environment Group received funding for “The Rakali Project – Urban Living in a Healthier Waterway Habitat”.

A Rakali, feeding on freshwater crayfish.

Benalla District Environment Group (BDEG) instigated this project with the assistance of a dedicated committee. We were successful in receiving funding through the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority. This funding was through the State Government’s “Protecting and Repairing Our Water Resources” initiative and forms part of a larger project to improve flow and habitat in the Broken River.

A typical feeding 'table', evidence that the Rakali is living in the area.

The Rakali is the Aboriginal name for the Australian Water-rat  (Hydromys chrysogaster). It is native and an iconic inhabitant of Lake Benalla and surrounding water-ways, most often glimpsed swimming on the surface of the water in the early morning or late afternoon. It is similar in size and colour to the platypus.

The Benalla Rural City community will have the opportunity to develop a greater commitment to the importance of maintaining and enhancing biodiversity and habitat of our waterways and the riparian zone.

Project snapshot 45 KB

Have you seen these around your creek or farm dam?

Spot the Rakali or Platypus

If you have seen either a platypus or Rakali (water rat) perhaps you could ring or write in to the Benalla Ensign or Benalla District Environment Group PO Box 642, Benalla, and tell us about it.

Long-term goals

Our long term goals are to establish an ongoing working group, to provide further opportunity through community activities to raise awareness about the impacts of living around an urban waterway and develop positive changes towards a healthier waterway habitat in the Benalla urban environs. If you are interested in this project please contact BDEG, PO Box 642, Benalla VIC 3672.

4 thoughts on “Rakali Project – Benalla & District Environment Group

  1. They are gorgeous creatures. To have them in the Molyullah Ck is fantastic. In fact, there are no documented records of Rakali anywhere around Molyullah or along the Ryans Creek. The closest confirmed record is just east of Tatong. Great find. Perhaps submit the record to the Atlas of Living Australia.

  2. Just spotted our first one this evening in Molyullah along our creek. It was a bit exciting to see such a sleek swimmer.

  3. That’s a great record, Austin. Particularly pleasing that they’re hanging on along the Broken Creek – and so close to the town. Goes to show how important our waterways are for native fauna.

  4. Saturday 12 February 2022 @ 1630 at Lions park beside Broken Creek Numurkah I observed 2 Rakali foraging along the Creek bank. One much larger than the other.

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