Strathbogie Ranges - Nature View

Ecology, landscape and natural history in and around the Strathbogie Ranges, Australia.


Twenty-six species of butterfly (not including the skippers and darts) have been recently recorded from the Strathbogie Ranges (as far as I am aware).

Perhaps the best on-line reference for Victorian butterflies is the National Museum of Victoria’s Bioinformatics website. Though some of the images aren’t the best, you can also generate maps based on species, or geographic area.

Search this site for all references to butterflies by typing ‘butterfly’ into the search box, at right.

Download the Stratbogie Butterfly Brochure (3.4 MB).

Most records have been provided by Ben Brook, ‘Peppermint Ridge” Bonnie Doon Rd, Toorour/Strathbogie.

  1. Australian Admiral Vanessa itea
  2. Cabbage White Pieris rapae rapae
  3. Caper White Anaphaeis java teutonia
  4. Chequered Swallowtail Papilio demoleus
  5. Common Brown Heteronympha merope merope
  6. Common Grass Blue Zizina labradus labradus
  7. Common Imperial Blue Jalmenus evagoras evagoras
  8. Common Silver Xenica Oreixenica lthoniella herceus
  9. Dainty Swallowtail Papilio anactus
  10. Donnysa Skipper Hesperilla donnysa delos
  11. Flame Skipper Hesperilla idothea clara
  12. Glasswing Acraea andromacha
  13. Imperial White Delias harpalyce
  14. Klug’s Xenica Geitoneura klugii klugii
  15. Lesser Wanderer Danaus chrysippus petilia
  16. Macleay’s Swallowtail Graphium macleayanus macleayanus
  17. Meadow Argus Junonia villida calybe
  18. Monarch Danaus plexippus plexippus
  19. Orchard Swallowtail Papilio aegeus
  20. Painted lady Vanessa kershawi
  21. Pea Blue Lampides boeticus
  22. Shouldered Brown Heteronympha penelope penelope
  23. Small Grass Yellow Eurema smilax
  24. Sword-grass Brown Tisiphone abeona antoni
  25. Tailed Emperor Polyura pyrrhus sempronius
  26. Wood White Delias aganippe

Images of Local Butterflies

Family Papilionidae – Swallowtails.

Famoly Lycaenidae – Blues, Coppers.

Family Nymphalidae – Browns, Crows, Emperors, Glasswings.

Family Pieridae – Whites, Yellows.

Family Hesperiidae – Skippers

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