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Ecology, landscape and natural history in the Strathbogie Ranges, Australia.

Government Agencies

Dept. of Sustainability & Environment

2008. Spot-tailed Quoll (Dasyurus maculatus) surveys were undertaken in the Strathbogie State Forest and forested eastern escarpment of the Ranges. The survey used remote cameras set up in suitable habitat, particularly at possible latrine sites. Quolls establish ‘latrines’ where  they regularly defecate and scent mark. These are often visited several times during night time foraging activities.

These beautiful and fascinating native carnivores are on the edge of extinction on mainland Australia. Sadly, no evidence of the species was found in the Strathbogies.

Though there are occasional anecdotal records of Spot-tailed Quolls from parts of the Strathbogies, and whilst they most likely occurred here in historic times, I’m not aware of any confirmed records (in DSE databases) from the Strathbogie Ranges.

Victorian Flora & Fauna Action Statement No. 15 Spot-tailed Quoll.

2010-11. Growling Grass Frog surveys were undertaken at a variety of wetland sites across the Ranges. Survey on-going at the time of writing. More information: Rowhan Marshall, DSE, Benalla 5761 1611.

Land Conservation Council

1973. Report on the North Eastern Study Area (district 2). Not available on-line, as far as I am aware



Interpreting Airborne Geophysics as an adjunct to
Hydrogeological Investigations for
Salinity Management:
Honeysuckle Creek Catchment, Victoria

Part 1 of 2
CSIRO Land and Water Technical Report No 18/04
October 2004

Electromagnetic Investigation of the Hydrogeology of Honeysuckle Creek

Paper In: Roach I.C. ed. 2004. Regolith 2004. CRC LEME, pp. 76-80.

Honeysuckle Creek Soil Mapping
CSIRO Land and Water Science Report 31/09
August 2009

Honeysuckle Creek Geophysics Project:
Final Report
Bureau of Rural Sciences
August 2003

If you know of other biodiversity-related work done by government agencies, please leave a comment (bottom of page).

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