After successive years of treatment, the overwhelming Blackberry infestation at the Strathbogie Township Goulburn Valley Water Pumping site on Seven Creeks was finally ready for dead cane mulching. As part of the Strathbogie Landcare rehabilitation of the Seven Creeks Wildlife Reserve and extension of the walking tracks and trails around the township, this work has been undertaken in cooperation with Goulburn Valley Water, Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority and Parks Vic.

Where previously only a narrow foot padded trail could pass through Blackberry up to 2.5m tall that screened the waterway, the site has been transformed from impenetrable to views of the water and riparian vegetation on the other side.

The next stage will be indigenous revegetation designed to rehabilitate the site consistent with the rest of the beautiful Seven Creeks Wildlife Reserve corridor. It was great to discover some self seeded species had already begun to reestablish themselves once the smothering Blackberry canopy had died off.

You can view the mulching reveal and examples of the way things will look after revegetation in the sequence of photos below.