Ruoaks Campground, North Creek bridge, Ruoaks Rd., Strathbogie 3666.

3.5km, choose an easy or intermediate level of difficulty.

Enjoy the upper slopes of the Strathbogie Ranges while gently climbing Ruoaks Rd. Then dive into the steep gully of the cascading North Creek, deep in the unspoiled Strathbogie Forest.

Find yourself in a heavily forested, steep, moist gully surrounded by towering Manna, Candlebark and Peppermint Gums. Walk amongst house sized boulders. Observe ferny glades and abundant seasonal wildflowers – all to the sweet sounds of cascading water, wind in the trees and birdsong. This is a place you can easily fall in love with.

Getting there:
Ruoaks is off the beaten track. Low slung 2WD may struggle. 4WD is recommended.

Both start and finish at the small Ruoaks campground.

Easy: for a beautiful mountain forest walk guarded by massive granite and overlooking the cascading North Creek deep in its gully, simply follow Ruoaks Rd south and up as far as you are comfortable going, then return. The road gradient is suitable for easy walking.

Intermediate: the walk mapped above follows the same road up along the gully side to a gentler slope you can descend along to the bottom. Once there enjoy transiting the lush forest floor of a creek-side flat before meeting the fern laden, sandy bottomed creek. Follow this back up the gully to the campground. For intermediate level walkers, you are best to skirt the cascades, masses of huge boulders and small rocky ravines of the waterway by moving above and parallel along the slopes. There are tracks along the way where people have walked before you, but they can be ephemeral.

Dropping in to explore features of the waterway that appeal to you as you go is also worthwhile. It is truly fascinating. The masses of massive boulders stacked and spilled across the gully floor are remarkable in their own right, and the cascades, waterfalls, twists and turns of the creek itself are a joy – until they disappear! For one section the water goes underground. If you can find the points of entry and egress you will have done well. If you can find the rocky window to the underground rush in between, you will have done exceptionally well!

Car parking
Picnic table x 1
Fire pit x 1
Alternative routes
Flora and fauna habitat

Cliff faces
Rock faces
Loose rocks
Open water
Steep climbs
Soft shoulders
Rocks may fall
Limbs may fall
Uneven ground
No potable water
Slippery surfaces
Subject to flooding
Road surfaces vary
Snakes may be active
Tracks may not be clear
Beware of vehicle traffic
Mobile reception may be unreliable
Be mindful to keep within the State Forest
Carry food, water, First Aid, be SunSmart
Be equipped for self-reliant hiking

Dogs must be leashed and under control at all times
Take rubbish with you
No rubbish dumping
Do not remove soil or rock
No theft of forest produce
Native flora & fauna are protected
Camp site minimum 20m from water
Do not remove timber from standing trees
Fires only in places provided
Closed days of total fire ban
Drivers/riders must: use formed roads only, be licensed

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