The images above tell the unfolding story of trail making adjacent to Strathbogie Township, as heavy woody weed infestation gradually gives way to indigenous revegetation. The town is surrounded on three sides by waterways: Magiltan and Spring Creeks to the north and west and Seven Creeks to the south. 12 years ago, the popular Bridge to Bridge Project was developed by Strathbogie Landcare to connect the creeks and bridges at opposite ends of town by bush-walk.

Five years ago, a Strathbogie Landcare plan for extending the Bridge to Bridge bush-walk upstream from Spring Creek Bridge and along Magiltan Creek was envisioned. Particularly at the Euroa-Strathbogie Road end, this riparian zone was not traversable due to heavy infestation with dense woody weeds such as Blackberry, Holly and Portuguese Laurel.

In partnership with Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority, repeated woody weed treatment has seen this space improve. Finally, after 4 years of successive intervention, mulching of infestations and revegetation along the western embankment has commenced. The process has been progressively transformative. This once ugly duckling is slowly turning into a swan.

There is still much work to do, the eastern embankment has only had one year of treatment to date. However, the trail-markers only point the way along the western bank where most of the work has been done so far. If you come to walk Bridge to Bridge it is definitely worth your while to experience the additional couple of kilometres along the Nganganu Trail extension.