DSCF4191This fully-grown, male Brush-tailed Phascogale (aka Tuan) was killed while crossing the Euroa-Strathbogie Rd the night before last, just near the Kelvin View Rd turn-off. Such a shame these beautiful animals are so often killed on our roads. It’s also a bit surprising, as they do spend most of their time in trees, only coming to ground occasionally, when moving from tree to tree.

They are very agile climbers as can be seen from their long, sharp claws and long limbs. Had he not met this untimely end, this male would have spent the next few months exploring his patch of Kelvin View bush , leading up to the June-August mating season. Although the species is considered to be Vulnerable to extinction in Victoria, we are fortunate to have Tuans occurring over much of the Tableland. Read on for more pictures and a map of local records.

This is just one of many road-killed Tuans that have been found on the Tableland – other stories here.

Tuan records Strathbogie Tableland
Tuan records in and around the Strathbogie Tableland.