A road-killed Koala on the Strathbogie-Euroa Rd, just before the Creek Junction Rd intersection.

The 2002-10 drought really hit Koalas hard in the Strathbogie Ranges – numbers  plummeted. Before the drought you could always find a least a couple of Koalas when walking in the forest on the Tableland. Then the drought, poor quality feed (leaves) and water stress led to lower breeding success and increased death of Koalas, so much so that by 2008 there was no guarantee at all of finding Koalas, even if you looked hard.

They’re slowly starting to recover numbers, so it’s very sad and totally unnecessary when Koalas get hit by vehicles on our local roads. I know of many people that have lived up here for decades and that have never even come close to hitting a Koala. I can understand Koala fatalities on the Hume Freeway, but a road-killed Koala up here means some idiot is just driving too fast.