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Ecology, landscape and natural history in and around the Strathbogie Ranges, Australia.

Strathbogie citizen science – forest surveys

The Strathbogie Ranges were once clothed in 250,000 ha (or 250 sq km) of forest and woodland; from Seymour to Benalla and from Euroa to Mansfield. About 80% of these forests and woodlands were cleared for agriculture and timber in the late 19th and early 20th C. The forests that now remain, about 60,000 ha, occur primarily in the wetter and steeper parts of the ranges.

The Strathbogie State Forest, though small, isolated and heavily utilized (selective and clear-fell logging), delivers significant ecosystem services to the region and contains important natural assets.

The project will:

  • train volunteers in select fauna survey techniques (spotlighting, trail-cameras, tree density assessment),
  • collect valuable fauna survey data from a range of geographic sites,
  • submit all survey data to the Victorian Biodiversity Atlas
  • engage the broader community to appreciate the forest on their doorstep,
  • enable forest management to better account for biodiversity values.
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