When Ericka came for the family Christmas this year she asked if she could bring along some friends. Ericka runs the Microbats of Melbourne not for profit rescue organisation. She had recently completed another successful rescue – of a family of baby Microbats. They had been discovered during work on a suburban house. In this case, their mother had been frightened away and did not return. They were in need of frequent feeding to survive. She brought them to our place in a controlled temperature environment. Her deft and caring handling of these tiny (very cute) creatures and the skill with which she met their need was fascinating to watch. Her dedication to the welfare of this endangered species is to be admired and supported. Details below.

For more information, rescue details or to help out visit https://www.facebook.com/microbatsofmelbourne/ https://www.instagram.com/microbatsofmelbourne/?hl=en