The Strathbogie Ranges aren’t particularly high mountains, the highest peak barely tops 1000 m, yet views of the surrounding regions are varied and sometimes surprising.

On a clear day … you can see from the Strathbogie Tableland to the Tallarook Plateau – half-way to Melbourne, a distance of more than 60 km!

Cherry Tree Wind Farm, Seymour, with the Tallarook Plateau behind – from Boundary Hill, Boho South.

… you can see from Lightning Ridge, clear to The Cobbler, 61 km to the ESE in Victoria’s high country.

… you can see the prominent volcanic peak of Mt Torbreck, part of the Cerberean Cauldron and Marysville Igneous Complex, from just about any elevated place in the Strathbogie Ranges.

… you can see the wintry peak of Mt Buller, from Rocky Ned Lookout.

Unlike most of Victoria’s mountainous country, Mt Buller (like e.g. the Strathbogies and Mt Buffalo) is a granitic mountain.

… you can see Mount Strathbogie from many angles, but as it’s part of a ridge system, not a separate peak, it’s not always easy to recognize.

… you can see Mt Wombat from miles away. Not very high, but such a distinctive looking peak on the western escarpment of the Strathbogies.

And on a clear night … you can dream.

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