Location: Boggy Creek – Boat Hole Public Recreation Reserve, Boathole Rd., Ruffy 3666

The route follows Hughes Creek down to the falls and back again.

Time 2 – 3 hours. Length 6km return. Difficulty intermediate.

The Boat Hole is a waterhole within a waterside Reserve. Boggy and Hughes Creeks meet here. The waterhole is good for swimming / small boating/ fishing. The walk is downstream to tumbling falls and back.


1. The Boat Hole.
Prettily situated between the arms of two waterways, the Boat Hole is a Public Reserve consisting of a sizeable flat area and includes a picnic table. It sits at the confluence of Boggy and Hughes Creeks. A large water hole on site has served locals as a place of social events, picnicking, swimming, boating and fishing for generations. The surrounding riparian woodland provides shade and habitat enough to make native bird and fauna encounters likely. This is a good place for all ages and levels of fitness to enjoy a natural world experience.

2. The Hughes Creek Falls Walk.
For intermediate walkers, this 6km return walk initially follows the eastern side stock exclusion fencing to the falls. This route takes advantage of viewing the creek from a distance as a shape shifting ribbon dropped on the valley floor. The return sees a more intimate approach as the walker attaches to the waterway itself by following the embankment wherever possible.

Travelling along this creek of many moods is a joy. Beginning as a lazy, meandering stream weaving its way through forest and reedy waterholes, it progresses to traverse meadows, forms mirror like reflecting pools, rushes through narrow outlets, spreads wide and shallow across rocky beds, cascades and rushes over ever increasing gradients and then falls. 

The tracks are foot pads only, but you can’t stray beyond the stock exclusion fencing. The ground is uneven and there are many wombat holes, so watch your step. There is a lot to enjoy, so give yourself the time, this is a long 6km.

Good quality closed walking shoes and gaiters are recommended for walking in this country. Particularly in warmer months, snakes may be active.

Car parking
Picnic tables 
Historic features
Swimming spot
Information sign
Flora and fauna habitat
Mobility assist device access (at The Boat Hole)
Mobility assist viewing access (at The Boat Hole)

Cliff faces
Open water
Steep climbs
Rocks may fall
Limbs may fall
Uneven ground
No potable water
Remnant fencing
Slippery surfaces
Subject to flooding
Road surfaces vary
Tracks may not be clear
Beware of vehicle traffic
Mobile reception may be unreliable
Be mindful to keep within the Reserve
Carry food, water, First Aid, be SunSmart 
Be equipped for self-reliant hiking / riding 

Dogs must be leashed & under control at all times
No illegal fishing
Take rubbish with you
No rubbish dumping
No firewood collection
Do not remove soil or rock
No theft of forest produce
Native flora and fauna are protected
Do not remove timber from standing trees
No fires in the open
Closed on days of total fire ban
No 4WD or motor bike access
Drivers/riders must: use formed roads only, be licensed, be registered