20151227_pho_Grey Fantail 02
17 Grey Fantails were observed along the Sevens.

Strathbogie Landcare Committee member and Bird Survey organiser Henry O’Connor kindly agreed to share his observations and the results from our latest Strathbogie Landcare Bird Survey near Strathbogie Township.


One of the joys of walking along the Seven Creeks Wildlife Reserve between Smith’s Bridge and Armstrong Avenue Bridge is the diverse bird calls heard as you (slowly) make your way along the creek. Stopping for a moment or two and listening brings a melodic background to the magical scenery.

We have begun a quarterly bird survey along this section of the Seven Creeks to keep an eye on how their numbers are tracking. You’ll find a link below to our latest observations in eBird.

One of the magical descriptions I’ve seen of one bird call belonging to the White Throated Gerygone is that of a “falling leaf.” To have a listen and learn more about this bird, or any other bird observed, click on the bird’s name as listed.

eBird observations list