Seven Creeks Streamside Reserve, Violet Town – Murchison Rd, Meipoll 3666

4.5km loop. Easy.

With a very meandering Seven Creeks, sandy beaches, multiple billabongs, a smattering of history and a Red Gum woodland full of birds, everyone will enjoy this walk.

4.5km long walk: Follow the creek upstream from the bridge. Return via Miepoll Schoolhouse Rd. Cross Murchison–Violet Town Rd. Follow the creek downstream to the old oval. Return through the Reserve

1.5km short walk: Cross Murchison-Violet Town Rd. Follow the creek downstream to the old oval. Return through the Reserve

Miepoll land selection began in 1879 with the break-up of a large pastoral run. Selectors were followed by the opening of a General Store and blacksmith. The Schoolhouse opened in 1882, a butter factory in 1891. A Public Hall was constructed in 1902 to provide for social and church services. However, by 1922 the Butter Factory had closed. In 1955, so did the School.

The unusual name of the locality is said to come from a local policeman’s reference to his wife, “My Poll.” However, there is also a record of “Maypole” in Bailliere’s Victorian Gazetteer, 1865.

The area is characterised by the flat lands of North Central Victoria, where cropping and grazing dominate. The wide spaced topographical contours explain the very meandering Seven Creeks extensive billabong and waterhole networks as it winds its way across the plains. There are broad vistas.

Seven Creeks Streamside Reserve is a site with much to offer all ages, from family picnics to bird watching and fishing. For the self-sufficient walker there is also plenty to enjoy. Accompanied by the croaking of frogs, walking through the open River Red Gum, Grey and Yellow Box woodlands amongst bends and beaches, billabongs and waterholes is a delight.

Very grassy underfoot in Winter and Spring, the site dries out significantly across Summer. The walking is easy, but be wary of uneven ground along the way as tracks may become unclear.

The Miepoll Schoolhouse roadside also has its attractions. On the creek side it is woodland, billabong and waterhole lined. Opposite are wide landscapes of cropped and grazing country with remnants of a busier past. The Schoolhouse still stands, as does a lonesome chimney further down the road. Across the Murchison – Violet Town Road is the now abandoned Miepoll Recreation Reserve oval.

Birdlife can be prolific. Local fauna may also be encountered. Taking your time and doing so quietly will be rewarded with many satisfying observations.

Car parking
Designated flora and fauna habitat

Open water
Limbs may fall
Uneven ground
No potable water
Remnant fencing
Slippery surfaces
Subject to flooding
Snakes may be active
Tracks may not be clear
Beware of vehicle traffic
Be equipped for self-reliant hiking
Mobile reception may be unreliable
Be mindful to keep within the Reserve

Dogs must be leashed
Licensed fishing
Take rubbish home
No firewood collection
Flora & fauna are protected
Drivers/riders must: use formed roads only, be licensed, be registered

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