When I first heard of and later met David, I remember naively thinking, then just having to ask, whether he was any relation to Norm – after all, they were both naturalists and shared a surname, Wakefield. Dave’s was a smiling, chuckling response “Ah, no such luck.”

Dave and Laurie, who passed away a couple of weeks ago, are on their next journey. Their absence is a considerable loss to their local community and friends in Strath Creek and Flowerdale, but also to the wider community of conservationists and lovers of the natural world.

I can’t really add much to ronlit’s respectful words. Ever humble and quietly spoken, neither Laurie nor Dave would have wanted much fuss. But their memory compels some acknowledgement and I can’t think of a better tribute than Macwake’s love of their community and natural environment.

This short film, part of the initial Focus on Fauna project, speaks for itself. In fond and respectful memory – A Toast!