Here’s a delightful walk for any time of the year. Accessed via Upper Boho Rd and situated half-way between Boho South and Boho, the dirt track winds its way through public land in the upper catchment of the Honeysuckle Ck (named after the native Honeysuckle aka Silver Banksia, Banksia marginata).

Strictly, the walk is a combination of three tracks – Honeysuckle Tk, Mildrens Tk and the Upper Boho Rd (if you don’t car shuffle). You can begin at the bottom, on Honeysuckle Tk and do some energetic uphill walking when you get to Mildrens Tk (the route’s altitudinal range is 200 m!). Or you can begin at the top, at Mildrens Tk, and let gravity help you out.

The total round trip is just under 6 km. If you just walk Honeysuckle Tk and Mildrens Tk it’s a 4.2 km walk.

The lower, northern sections of the walk wind through forest dominated by a variety of eucalypt species, including Yellow Box (Eucalyptus melliodora). Prized for its timber, large specimens of Yellow Box were thoroughly cut out out of the forest and are now extremely rare. In fact, this part of the Strathbogie Forest

The area can have spectacular wildflower displays in late Winter-early Spring, though the increasing impact of illegal firewood collecting appears to be taking a toll.

The northern section of Honeysuckle Tk track runs through a firewood coupe where domestic firewood can be collected at certain times of the year, under conditions, providing the rules are followed (see below). Unfortunately, many people break the rules and the area is suffering significant environmental degradation. Illegal tracks have been made through the bush and many standing trees, even living ones, have been illegally felled. If you visit the area and see illegal wood collecting activity, take photos and be sure to notify DELWP (Benalla 57611611).


  • Upper Boho Rd doesn’t carry a lot of traffic, but is windy and narrow in places. Best to park in Honeysuckle Tk or Mildrens Tk.
  • There are no picnic facilities, but several open areas at the northern end of Honeysuckle Tk are suitable.
  • The area is currently a State Park, so bush camping is permitted.
  • There is no potable water along the route.


  • Uneven ground.
  • Slippery surfaces.
  • Limbs & rocks may fall.
  • Be equipped for safe hiking.
  • Snakes are active in warmer weather.
  • Mildrens Tk is used and abused by some irresponsible 4WD owners. Check track access and safety before navigating the steep sections.


  • Take rubbish out with you.
  • All native flora and fauna are protected.
  • If driving, use formed roads only don’t follow bush tracks. Vehicle users must be licensed and registered.