The name Tahbilk originates from the location, which local aboriginal people first referred to as “tabilk-tabilk”, meaning “place of many waterholes”. Originally spelled Tabilk, the ‘h’ was added later.

Established in 1860, Tahbilk is one of Australia’s most beautiful and historic wineries. Owned by the Purbrick family for five generations. This is one of the nation’s premium viticultural areas. Fine wine and food are certainly great reasons for visiting Tahbilk. However, you will also step into a hidden oasis, where the natural landscape and waterways blend to complement the rich winemaking heritage. The property comprises some 1,214 hectares of rich river flats with an 11km frontage to the Goulburn River and 8km of permanent backwaters and creeks.

In 1995 the first steps were taken to regenerate the waterway areas. This complex web of billabongs consists of a maze of backwaters and creeks. Additional understory vegetation was planted to provide habitat necessary to attract greater numbers of native birds and animals. Prior to opening in 2005, these efforts were complemented by the nature walking paths, timber boardwalks, docking points for the Eco Cruise boats and two bird hides. An ongoing works program continues to maintain and enhance this landscape as an important conservation area.

These deep wetlands are now the site of the Tahbilk Eco Trails. Start your walk by heading across the historic Long Bridge. The Long Bridge was built from timber hewn on the Estate to replace a ford on the site soon after Goulburn Weir was completed in 1889. Following floods in 1954, the bridge was repaired and reduced to single lane. In 1996 it was completely rebuilt, again with timber cut and milled on the property. Stroll across a range of beautiful paths and boardwalks along the 6km circuit. Note: a gold coin donation is requested at the entrance. Make one of the best gold coin investments you ever will.


Restaurant, car parking, toilets, informative signage, seating, waterway cruises, bird hides, adjacent historic winery.


  • You must complete the Visitors Register at Tahbilk Restaurant before entering or leaving.  When the Restaurant is closed, please do so at the Cellar Door.
  • Enclosed footwear MUST be worn, carry water, wear a hat and sunscreen.
  • You must stay on designated pathways.
  • Wheel chair access is challenging due to rough surfaces.
  • All rubbish is to be taken away with you.
  • Smoking, alcohol and dogs are not permitted.
  • The Eco Trails are closed on days of total fire ban.