After gorgeous, sustained rain, the Strathbogie Tableland has water oozing out from underfoot. Polly McQuinn’s is quite full. The weir was looking beautiful during a radiant sunrise this week.

However, down on the flats, Doctor’s Swamp still appeared to boast little surface water when I paused for some solo exercise on my way home from work. As well as rain, I had read there were some environmental flows planned for rejuvenating this chronically dry wetland. My hope for seeing it truly wet for the first time was dashed.

I don’t know how long the swamp has been dry. It was certainly bone dry when I was there earlier in the year with Birdlife MG. I was hoping for a lot more water and, even though it was late in the day, I therefore expected to spot a bird or two. None were to be had.

Nonetheless, the river reds in the swamp remained a majestic sight despite the overcast sky of diminishing light. What an avenue they make as well! Then, as the day faded further, a weakening yellow sun tried one last time to assert itself over the clinging grey veil, to bring a modicum of colour back to the landscape.