Spring Creek is a major tributary of the Seven Creeks and joins that stream in the Bridge to Bridge Nature Reserve in Strathbogie. Like most other streams on the Tableland, Spring Creek runs mainly through farmland where it is un-fenced (from stock) and very degraded in parts. One reach of Spring Creek runs close and parallel to Spring Ck Rd, where it is still flanked by native vegetation, but being invaded by woody weeds like blackberry, holly and cherry laurel. But that doesn’t mean it’s not still a haven for wildlife, especially during such a dry and hot summer as the one just gone.

There’s a young naturalist who’s a regular visitor to the creek and surrounding wetlands and who has a big interest in photography. Callum not only takes photos, but uses trail cams to investigate the wildlife on his doorstep. Callum is building  an impressive collection of images and video of the local wildlife. Here are a few examples.