I was chatting to landholders yesterday about a great rocky outcrop they would like to protect. The site was in Highlands, off the Old Highlands Road, very near to the interface between the Granite and Sedimentary rocks. They reported that several years ago, a group a herpetologist from Monash Uni, were excited about a colony of small-eyed snakes ( cryptophis nigrescens) they found on this very same rocky hill side.
I had not heard much about this species living in the Strathbogie Ranges so I checked the Living Atlas of Australia and yes- there where confirmed sightings in Highlands.
The small-eyed snake is a small nocturnal species which is why we probably don’t see very many. They are mainly found under granite slabs lying flat on the ground. This snake is gregarious, as many as seven specimens can be found under one rock slab. That would give you a fight!
This species is has small biting apparatus but can deliver a very painful bite. The average length of adults is 40cms.
Has anyone else noticed this species?