Out walking the dog this week, he stopped and insisted on investigating a particular spot on the creek embankment. He kept looking and tentatively sniffing, approaching the embankment and then pulling back, looking up at me then back at this spot. He desperately wanted to show me something and didn’t want to move on.

I was looking all around the area he appeared to be interested in, but couldn’t see anything of note. I tried to get him moving. He just didn’t want to go until I had acknowledged his find and said it was OK. He often gets like this when there are other animals around.

In one final attempt, I peered over the edge a bit more. Emerging from the undergrowth was a high shine scaled head and back. The culprit was what I thought at first was a red bellied black – very common around here. It was absolutely unperturbed by our attention, posed for photos and then casually slithered off down the embankment toward the creek. The snake was about a metre long, but as it moved I realised its underside was creamy. Its lips had white stripe like triangular markings along them and there was a brownish band around its neck behind the head.

This year I have seen several copperheads , more than any other type of snake. This snake had all the markings of a copperhead, but it was so black! None of them have been this dark. See what you think.