Access to the pretty first cascades above Smith’s Bridge has been improved, but hazards remain. Strathbogie Landcare’s recent Working Bees, upstream of Smith’s Bridge on the Seven Creeks, have seen clearing of a more navigable foot trail to the first cascades. This work involved clearing a narrow passage through weedy infestations, pruninng of obstructive and dangerous branches and woody weeds, removal of remaining tree guards from previous Landcare plantings and removal of quite a bit of discarded fencing wire.

We have done our best to get rid of unnatural hazards to this point. However, it is a fairly big area. So, if you come across any rubbish we missed, please take it away on your return trip.

There is no suggestion this is now a smooth walk. Once you start to traverse under Smith’s Bridge the trail gets modestly rough. Stumps, blackberry and ivy create vegetation trip hazards. Uneven ground, rabbit and wombat holes pose fall risks. The embankment can be muddy, so slipping into the creek is also a risk. Beyond the Smith’s Bridge Picnic Ground in particular, it is a trail to take care on. It is also worth the effort.

Commencing at Spring Creek Bridge, a walked return trip to the first cascades can now be better navigated. Travel along the Bridge to Bridge walk, under Smith’s Bridge, through the 20-30 metres of blackberry, ivy and holly infestation around the Goulburn Valley Water Treatment Plant, along the creek embankment, across the poa flood plain and onto the rocky granite surrounds of the first cascades.

It is a peaceful walk to a lovely destination. The return trip covers approximately 3.2km. It takes around 45 minutes at an average pace of 4kph. There are plenty of stopping points along the way. These include the Spring Creek Bridge Council Reserve, the Bridge to Bridge Reserve, sightings of native flora and fauna, the confluence of Spring and the Seven Creeks, educational signage, the signed nature circuit, the frog pond, rest benches, fishing stops, the Smith’s Bridge picnic ground, the meandering Seven Creeks winding around its flood plain, a poa grassland, well established Landcare plantings, lazy pools, running water and tumbling cascades.