DSCN4939In early March 2018, the Strathbogie Ranges CMN organized a walk along a spectacular section of the Seven Creeks, from Polly McQuinn’s to Gooram Falls.

It’s a challenging, all-day walk with no amenities, no signposts, no defined path and plenty of trips and slips – not for the unadventurous, or ill-prepared! There’s lots of scrambling over rocks and, depending on the flow in the creek, several tricky crossings. This 8 km walk shouldn’t be attempted in wet weather, after heavy rain, or if rain is forecast – the rocks can get very slippery and there are few places to bail out if you need to cut the walk short. But, if the stars align and if you’re well prepared, this is one of the best walks in the entire region.

The first section of the walk is gentle, with slow flows and deep pools. Thereafter it’s down, down, down with only occasional level walking. The stream and frontage are part of the Seven Creeks Wildlife Reserve and adjacent land is private property. Please carry all your rubbish out.

route & elevation profile

The first section is through farming country – easy walking, but quite weedy; cross the stream a couple of times and avoid the blackberries.

Then, enter the gorge … and another world!

The second half of the walk is diverse with varied scenery, interesting geology and hints of exotic places. There are few weeds, or signs of the outside world.

At the bottom of the walk, near Watchbox Creek and the Euroa-Merton Rd, weeds again proliferate, chocking riparian vegetation. The gorges and waterfalls you’ve just come through, begin to fade, as if surreal. The walk you’ve just completed may only be 8 km long, but you traveled much further, to distant and exotic places, only to return, humbled by what you’ve experienced. You’ll be back.