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A visit to the Mt Wombat summit is always impressive. The 360 degrees of uninterrupted view is superb. The sunrises and sunsets can be as spectacular as you could wish for. Watching approaching storms is awesome. Observing the resident wedge tailed eagles riding thermals at their flight height is something special as well.

There is more to this fascinating range though. Its open woodland mantle often gives way to massive walls of sheer granite rock face, jewel like baubles of solid stone litter the ground to complement weathered rock flakes in every shape and size you can imagine. Rocky prominences invite climbing. Huge boulders require skirting. Giant marbles appear tenuously fixed in position, looking like a gentle push should send the crashing to the forest floor hundreds of metres below.

Let’s not forget the mosses, lichens, fungi and ferns that abound everywhere they can gain a foothold. These add a soft texture, variety and colour to the landscape that enlivens the mountainsides and demands inspection.

There’s a lot more to Mt Wombat than many of us think. Next time you visit, don’t just stop at the top, try going a bit further afield. Mt Wombat is a wonderland in its own right.