Spotted on the Emu Ponds Creek walk at Ruffy, this nest most likely belongs to a pair of Wedge-Tailed Eagles. It is built in a tall narrow leaf peppermint tree, in sheltered site within old growth forest , with a commanding view of deep waterholes in the creek. A pair may have up to 10 different nests within their territory, and will often use a different nest in different years according to food availability. Before laying eggs the pair will freshen-up the old nest by adding fresh leaves and sticks.
Eagle nesting sites can be recorded on the Living Atlas of Australia but their exact locality it best kept as a secret because a few farmers still illegally kill these impressive birds of prey in the belief they are protecting newly born lambs. This is an offence. Report unusual deaths of eagles to Benalla DELWP officers or Crimestoppers 1800333000.Reporting is confidential.