brown thornbill 02
That was such a juicy bug! How an earth could I have dropped it? Is it on my left?
brown thornbill 03
Is it on my right?
brown thornbill 01
Is it down there? It must be here somewhere!
brown thornbill 04
Don’t tell me it’s up there. Maybe I hadn’t stunned it enough and it flew away.
brown thornbill 05
Looks like I will have to go find another one. A thornbill’s work is never done!


The open woodland, farmland boundaries and roadside undergrowth of the Strathbogie Ranges suit the Brown Thornbill’s constant hunt for insects very well. Scouring the undergrowth near Kibbles Rd, this Brown Thornbill was looking quite frustrated at not being able to secure a catch. The constant twitching and flitting at this location indicated it was concentrating the hunt on something nearby, but I couldn’t see what it was. Maybe it had let one loose and that was the reason for all the scolding that was going on. Or was that directed at me? Images and text by Sean Mathews, Strathbogie.