Not that I’m fixated on snakes, but a few years ago there were no confirmed records of Tiger Snakes on the Strathbogie Tableland: Eastern Brown Snakes, Highland Copperheads, Red-bellied Blacks – yes, yes, yes, but tigers? In response to questioning (and I did ask around), most locals and landholders said they’d never seen a Tiger Snake. However, since 2013 there have been several confirmed records of this species (see post), including one just the other day, that fateful day – September 11.

Out walking through Terry’s wetland, with the dog, we almost stepped on him! Luckily, the snake was sluggish and merely out of it’s over-wintering hiding place, basking in the warm sun. About 1.3 M long and looking to be in fine condition, we tried not to disturb it. When it’d had enough of the photography, it gently slipped back down the Wombat hole it had been basking next to and with that we headed back the way we’d come – with a new focus on the path in front of us.

This sighting was near the corner of Watkins Rd and McCombe Rd, in the catchment of the Shingle Hut Creek, a tributary of the Seven Creeks and not that far from the previous Creek Junction record.