In a previous post we reported the first confirmed record of a Tiger Snake on the Strathbogie Tableland. Since then there have been additional sightings of Tiger Snakes, suggesting they’re perhaps more widespread, or becoming more common, than we realized.

Anyone driving on the Maroondah, Goulburn Valley or Midland Highways on the south side of the Strathbogie Ranges are probably used to seeing Tiger Snakes in this position … this one was found on the Merton-Strathbogie Rd, Merton.

There have now been four confirmed Tiger Snake sightings in the Strathbogie district in recent times:

  • Ken Dunnachie’s Tames Rd Tiger Snake (above link).
  • On Barjarg Rd, in the Strathbogie State Forest, near the corner of Ferraris Tk.
  • At Creek Junction in the heart of the Tableland.
  • South of Strathbogie on the Old Merton/Jukes Rd.
Coloured dots show confirmed Tiger Snake records (map from Atlas of Living Australia). Black arrows show locations of four recent Tiger Snake records.

The Creek Junction record is of particular interest as it’s in the Tableland’s agricultural zone, where you’d think they would have been previously seen by locals. But perhaps they have been seen, just not officially recorded. After all, Tiger Snakes are  regularly seen around Ruffy, yet there are no/few confirmed records from that district either.

The Tiger Snake in Peter Kelly’s home garden at Creek Junction.

Click here to download A Guide to the Snakes of the Strathbogie Tableland.