Could it be?


Looks familiar.

IMG_1205A  rather content-looking Platypus  putting on a show for some very lucky visitors at the Bridge to Bridge Reserve.

IMG_1319Platypus are more common in the Seven Creeks system than you may think. Locals and visitors see them fairly regularly in various spots from Polly McQuinn’s upstream to Strathbogie and beyond. This one was spotted near Smith’s Bridge on the edge of Strathbogie Township by regular visitors (Brad and Callum) to the Reserve.

If you’ve seen a Platypus on the Tableland, get in touch so that we can record your observation and improve our understanding of these exquisite creatures.

More info on Platypus at the Australian Platypus Conservancy. And you can see where Platypus have been recorded across Victoria (including this sighting) at platypusSPOT. or on the Atlas of Living Australia.