Severe thunder storms dropping  around  80mm of rainfall in an  hour caused flash flooding along the Hughes Creek and Whiteheads Creek  near Seymour on 3rd January 2016. The  damage shown  in these photographs occurred between Bungle Boori and Kulaba  where gullies dropping steeply from the Waggs Range became gushing watercourses carrying silt and woody debris over the Hughes Creek Road  and into the Hughes Creek. Netting fences were destroyed as they  filled with leaves and branches creating barriers. Bare hillsides are very venerable to these violent weather events. Tons of fresh sand and silt has been dumped into this environmentally  sensitive section of the Hughes Creek. Macquarie Perch populations breed nearby. Mitchell Shire workers quickly cleared the roadways. Unfortunately one person lost his life while trying to cross the flooded Whiteheads Creek that night. Please be careful driving during flash floods.