DSCF5037Gooram Falls is a series of rapids, riffles, cascades, channels and deep pools along about 2 km of the Seven Creeks, south of Euroa. In places the stream has eroded spectacular gorges through the granite which, after heavy rain, is a raging torrent. It’s a gorgeous spot and once there, you can imagine yourself to be somewhere in Central Australia. Its so special because, though it’s right on our doorstep, visitors respect and look after the area. There is one walking track along the left side of the creek between the two parking areas. If you leave the track to walk along the creek, take care – the rocks can be treacherous. Normally, at this time of year, the water level is high and walking along the stream is risky, but the lack of recent rainfall has kept the level low. This stretch of Seven Creeks has has many attractions and has featured in some previous posts (Gooram Falls, then and now and Native fish survey), so it’s not surprising that it attracts visitors. See if you can recognise the ancient River Red Gums here, that featured in Gooram Falls, then and now. Just remember that there’s private property on either side of the creek, so respect the neighbours, as well as the environment, and walk lightly.