Two trail cameras were set-up in a sheep paddock on the plains, not far from Violet Town on the NW side the Strathbogies. The cameras were secured to tree-trunks in a stand of  Grey Box (Eucalyptus microcarpa), 1 m above ground and 50 m apart. The cameras were left in position for just over one month, from 3.11.14 to 9.12.14 – guess what the cameras recorded?

It was exciting to catch curlews on film and on several different occasions – it shows they are frequenting this site regularly, most likely as a day-roost. And the sheep are to be expected – it is a grazing paddock. But the presence of foxes at the site, on several occasions, makes me nervous.

The up-shot is that the farmer, who loves his curlews, will increase his fox control in and around the paddock to give the birds a bit more breathing space.

These two photo-points were set up as part of a Trust for Nature project on Bush Stone-curlews.

This project is funded by the Victorian Government.

TFN_RGB     SGV Insignia PMS541