2010_1112AFFollowing a wet Autumn and early Winter – the best Autumn break many locals can remember, over 800mm to end-July, August rainfall went missing. Most high-rainfall parts of the Ranges got less than 20mm for the month! Yes, yes, in March and April the BOM kept telling us that a mild El Niño was on the horizon, but May, June and July convinced us they were wrong.
August 2014 at Strathbogie was the driest August since 1944, the driest August for 70 years. No wonder we’re in the brown bit on the BOM’s map (below). The August long-term average for Strathbogie is 116mm, so 18mm was a bit of an insult, especially for those us busy planting trees and shrubs.
Luckily, the beginning of September is looking to make up some of the shortfall- 21mm already and it’s raining right now!2014080120140831