Strolling through the paddock with a two-year-old, we let him run around as he could hardly hurt himself falling over on the soft, green grass – we thought! We hadn’t reckoned on a more serious risk.

The day was cold and overcast – what was this Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis) doing above ground, in the middle of an open paddock in mid-Winter? The animal wasn’t obviously damaged or sick, nor had the previous day been sunny. It’s presence was quite unpredictable – and a bit of a shock. The snake was cold and sluggish, but it still managed an aggressive posture and plenty of tongue flicking.

Interestingly, though over 1 m long, it had pale banding along the length of its body – a likely ‘hang-over’ from the banding it carried as a juvenile. Though superficially reminiscent of a Tiger Snake (Notechis scutatus), that species does not occur in this district (Boho South) and this animal was clearly an Eastern Brown.