A Merton Tiger Snake killed on the Strathbogie Rd.
A Merton Tiger Snake killed on the Strathbogie Rd.

Tiger Snakes (Notechis scutatus) have an unusual distribution in the Strathbogie Ranges. They have a patchy distribution in the Ranges (common in some places, absent in others), but are pretty widespread in the lower country around the margins of the Ranges. This unfortunate individual was fatally caught crossing the Strathbogie Rd in Merton. Though this individual was an adult about 1 m long, it lacked the distinctive banding, or stripes, that Tiger Snakes sometimes have, instead being a dark brown-black, with only a hint of striping on the mid-body.

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As such this specimen might be confused with another local snake, the Copperhead (of which there are two similar looking species, the Common Austrelaps superbus and the Alpine A. ramsayi). However, Copperheads lack banding on the body and have distinct white edging on the scales of the upper lip.

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