1. IMG_0405Tracking down and  mapping  the locations of remnant silver banksia populations  is important part of the Banksia marginata Genetics Project currently being undertaken by CSIRO ( Linda Broadhurst)  & GBCMA ( Jim Begley) at the Euroa Arboretum. Eight remnants have been identified in the Strathbogie Ranges area and most of these are isolated mature trees in poor health. Leaf samples were collected in early 2013 for DNA testing.
  2. A majority of these tree fit within the area that Ian Lunt’s describes  as having  ‘groves of honeysuckles’ – Kobyboyn,  Dropmore , Highlands, Terrip  & Ruffy.

Other populations exist at Marraweeney ,the  Blue Range Track out of Mansfield  and Sandy Creek track  near Lake Nillacootie.

The healthiest population in the Goulburn Broken Catchment is along the  Northern Highway before Tooborac.