The Ruffy Weekend Walkers have bagged their fourth Pinnager Cairn of the year. Ann and Barry Noye lead the group up a steadily rising path to the summit of Wheelers Hill in Creightons Creek. After a bit of search across the crest this impressive Cairn was located in a lightly timbered area overlooking Lindsey Park horse stud. The nearby trig point was not the usual tripod with a black circle on top that we had expected. It was a small brass plate set into the same rock shelf that the Cairn was built upon. This Cairn is in perfect condition, which is amazing for something built by hand from loose rocks in the 1880’s. It has been through at least one major bushfire in its history. The original centre pole has disappeared since it was photographed in 1986.The views of the Gooram Valley and Creightons Creek Valley were wonderful. Keep your eye on the Strathbogie Ranges CMN events calendar and the Ruffy Community Website for information about future walks. IMG_0908IMG_0906IMG_0902