Acacia genistiflolia , Spreading wattle flowers from late autumn until spring across the woodlands of the Goulburn Broken Catchment .This spiny ,multi branched and  often straggly shrub provides an excellent refuge for small birds due to its prickliness. It makes great habitat . Nests are often tucked into this shrub . It is a useful barrier  plant to direct traffic and for low maintenance areas. They prefer well drained soil and dappled shade but can withstand extended wet or dry periods and frost. Spreading wattle  grows quickly and be used as an attractive garden ornamental because it flowers over winter when not much else is about. The flowers are pale yellow to almost white.The flowering period is long and the flowers have a pungent perfume. They  are relatively short lived  but often self-seed once established. These wattles are easily grown from scarified seed .When direct seeded patience is needed – they take a few years to germinate and often appear two years  after the other wattles. Well worth including in your revegetation project.