“Seymour Bushland Park Covers 62 ha and was once the Kitchener Military Camp. Later it became a staging ground for the armed forces during the First and Second World Wars. Used as a military base until the 1960’s it is scattered with military relics.Grazing then occurred until 1978. Since then the park has become a natural woodland”.

A community  management committee maintains this reserve  with assistance from the Mitchell Shire. They have done an excellent job. If you’re have  some spare time while in Seymour go for a wander along the walking  tracks and listen to the woodland birds.




WINTER WONDERS “Flowering plants and migratory birds reflect the changing seasons. tiny orchids and cranberry heath make early appearances. Soon creamy white urn heath, red and orange and gold pea plants ( commonly called egg and bacons) paint the bush in colour . Colourful tiny fungi can be found in the damper areas”.

IMPORTANT BIOLINKS . Roadsides from the Goulburn River along  Telegraph Road to Lambing Gully Road ,the  Lighthorse Park and the Bushland Reserve form a vital wildlife corridor providing food, shelter and nesting sites.