New safety railing at Rocky Ned
New safety railing at Rocky Ned

Don’t get a shock when you next visit Rocky Ned Lookout – there have been some changes!

Not only is there a brand new railing at the lookout, there’s a new entrance and sign.

We walked the track, with a friend visiting from London, a few days after the area had about 25 mm of rain, in the middle of this long dry spell and the smells and feel underfoot were beautiful.

There was some debate among us about whether, notwithstanding the improved safety on the lookout, the changes added or detracted from the walk and feel of the place. There was argument for and against and for me, the jury’s still out. It’s certainly safer, but there’s something about the steel and concrete that diminishes the experience for me.

In the past, arrogant and irresponsible trail-bike riders have deliberately and illegally  ridden off-road and cut up the walking track in their macho endeavor to ride their bikes to the lookout. Hopefully, with these track upgrades they’ll get the message that this is a walking track and trail-bikes are not welcome, or allowed.

Fortunately, we didn’t even hear a bike while we were there. Here are some pics of this lovely, short walk and the view from the top.