049_thumb.jpgAs I write this post many of our followers in the Harry’s Creek Road  , Upper Boho Road and Marraweeny areas are fighting  to contain a 1200ha bushfire burning in the foothills of the Strathbogies.  Milder weather conditions are helping and a brisk southerly breeze  is blowing the fire back onto itself , lets hope it is extinguished  before the next hot spell. We are only half way through summer and no change in weather patterns is in sight. Old time Ruffian and weather forecaster , Stan Artiridge  says “I have never experienced weather patterns like this. We are heading into unknown territory , I don’t know what to predict ”.

These pics were taken by Justus at the Dropmore fire 2 weeks ago which burnt 180ha of rocky outcrop  and gave everyone in Caveat and Highlands  a scare.  As you all know it has not  rained for months and the woodlands are tinder dry, fires are easily started . The Dropmore fire was ignited by the  sparks  generated as an excavator ripped rabbit warrens between granite rocks.

Before Christmas a lightning strike in the Cherry Tree Range  started a fire which moved quickly to the Kobyboyn road at Whiteheads Creek , burning several hundred hectares of farmland.  Other smaller fires at Gooram and Violet Town have kept CFA. members busy.

Most  areas in Southern Australia have experienced similar  bushfire events this season, some on a much large scale than ours.

It makes me ponder  our future in a hotter , drier climate. Will fires dominate our lives every summer?  049054048055