In part due to the 2012 Lepidoptera Festival, but also driven by general interest, there has been a recent awakening of ‘moth-awareness’ in the community.

Moths and butterflies are part of the ecologically important insect group, the Order Lepidoptera. We know quite a lot about butterflies, especially the large colourful species, yet we know far too little about almost all moths. If a moth has a name then it’s doing well!

Two recent mothing events attracted quite a bit of interest:

21.11.12 Ruffy  (map) (info on SR CMN website),
23.11.12 Violet Town (map) (additional info on SR CMN website), pics below.

Peter Marriott and Steve Williams provided the identifications. Peter supplied the attached spreadsheet for moths he photographed on the evening – download here (30 KB).

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