White Cypress pine seedling grown by Ray and Andy from seed collected on Mt Tenerife

Last year Ray Thomas and Andy visited Mount Tenerife in the Strathbogie Ranges to search for a rare pea bush. They visited the site where the last known specimens  grew , unfortunately all had disappeared but in a last-ditch attempt to save the species they scratched soil from the crevices between nearby rocks in the hope that some viable seeds had survived. This soil and leaf litter mix was taken back to the nursery , placed in trays and left to grow. The plan worked, a few pultenaea seeds germinated but the seedlings were weak and unhealthy , they did not survive. The big surprise was the other seeds that germinated , among them were White Cypress Pines, callritris glaucophylla. As far as I know this species has not grown in the Strathbogies for a long time, in the Goulburn Broken catchment it is now confined to the northern plains and granite outcrops nearer to the Murray like the Warby Ranges and Beechworth Hills. White Cypress seedlings are extremely palatable to livestock and rabbits . Young plants are very sensitive to fire and are slow to mature. How old were the seeds that Ray recovered ? When did the last white cypress disappear from the Strathbogie Ranges?  I was lucky enough to be given one of these seedlings to plant back in Bogies on a rocky outcrop behind our house. We are nurturing it very carefully and it seems happy. Thanks Ray