This area was cool burnt a few years ago and it had the desired effect. The plant diversity and overall health of the forest here is superb. I don’t know if this is typical of the larger areas burnt across the northern Strathbogies in recent years, but the technique certainly worked well in this location.

In this district Heathy Dry Forest and Grassy Dry Forest form mosaics in the landscape with patches varying in size from several to many hectares. Perhaps this is what the area in the previous post, now under pine plantations, previously looked like. Though the area looks superficially like a granitic landscape, the entire area is on Violet Town Volcanic geology (similar source material & similar looking rock). Enjoy the pics (some of the showier species) and visit if you can – October is good. Happy to be corrected on any of the plant IDs.

Google Maps reference:   -36.693750, 145.853140 the lower end of Wilkinson Track.