The tree violet , hymenanthera dentata, is usually an insignificant common shrub that grows along waterways and amongst rocky outcrops in the higher elevations of the Goulburn Broken catchment. This spring it is putting on an impressive flowering display. Masses of creamy yellow  bell-shaped flowers  cover the branches. The  sweet floral perfume is overpowering , hence the name I suppose .

I photographed these along the Goulburn River near Yea . In summer pale purple berries will ripen  and  I will be monitoring these tree violets  very carefully in the hope of collecting  some seeds before the birds and blue tongue lizards  disperse them. Hymenanthera is differcult to propagate , local growers have had some success by sowing the whole berry fresh , about 1cm deep, in a non humid shade house . Seeds germinate in 3-4 months !