The Ruffy Weekend  Walkers venture out to explore the district on the first Sunday of each month . We meet at the Ruffy Hall @ 10am. Check the Ruffy Community Website for monthly details .

In August we followed the  Grassy Creek (which flows under the bridge beside  St Davids Church at the boundary of Terip Terip and Ruffy ), joins the  Emu Waterholes Creek behind ‘Woodlands’ and then merges into  the Hughes Creek before the Boathole at Ruffy  .( 6kms – 3 hours) . The Emu  Waterholes Creek flows in a ‘chain of pond’s formation before gushing down a spectacular winter waterfall  in a small land-locked  Crown Land Reserve . Many of our local creeks were ‘chains of ponds’ which are narrow grass lined  channels that  flowed gently between large deep  pools,  before land was cleared for agriculture. We saw no emus ! I wonder if there ever were emus in Ruffy .