Stone tools have been found on private property at Gooram, 8 km south of Euroa.  These artifacts may not be as spectacular as some of the stone hatchets found at other sites in the Strathbogies, but are significant nonetheless,  clearly demonstrating aboriginal occupation of the area in times past.These artifacts have been found over the last 15 years or so, in various locations and circumstances on a Gooram property. Each item shows signs of being worked and each is clearly not of local geology.

If you’d like to learn more about local Aboriginal artifacts, come along to ‘Stone Tools of the Strathbogie Ranges’ on 30th June, 2012.

Acknowledgement of Traditional Land Owners

‘In keeping with the spirit of Reconciliation, we  acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land. We recognize indigenous people, their elders – past and present.’