The Euroa Birdwatchers visited Ruffy this week to check out the bird life in our riparian forest. The group ( Betty, Ann and Jill ) were delighted with the number of ‘small brown birds’ using this area. Before lunch the bush was alive with birds foraging in the bark hanging from the mountain swamp gums and amongst the  tea-tree thickets. After lunch the wind sprung up and the smaller birds disappeared , apparently this is the normal pattern on bird watching afternoons. Our list included : Yellow-faced honeyeaters, White-eared honeyeaters, Black-chinned honeyeaters, Brown headed honeyeaters, (I can see a pattern here !) Red wattlebird, Grey fantail, Blue wren, White-throated tree creeper, Golden whistler, Grey thrush, Flame robin, Yellow rumped thornbill, Striated thornbill, Yellow thornbill … These small brown birds are very colourful .